Johnny Manziel is a Fucking Idiot

Here’ssss Johnny! Back in the headlines as America’s dumbest quarterback.

But let’s rewind. We love Johnny Fucking Football. The former betchy athlete of the week has turned his career of throwing footballs aorund into one of the most absurd lifestyles. After last season spent riding the bench, the former Heisman winner did a stint in rehab and came back to the NFL “clean and sober” with the hopes of leading the Cleveland Browns to a championship.

LOL. You wish, Cleveland fans. Instead, on his bye week from playing shitty football (the Browns are 2-8), Johnny went out and hit the clubs.

He spent his off week “raging at a nightclub in Austin, TX on Friday night with a bottle of Dom in his hand” according to TMZ. And there’s a video of him looking like a huge dick bag.

Apparently Johnny went on a three-night bender all over the state of Texas. This comes after he told the media he wouldn’t “be a distraction to this team or be an embarrassment to the organization” on his week off.

We’d still want to party with him, though.



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