Johnny Manziel Is Out of Rehab

In case you missed it, Johnny Manziel is out of rehab after ten long weeks spent getting off the juice.

The former betchy athlete of the week was released from treatment a few weeks ago, and has wasted no time getting back in the public eye.

Since his public return, Johnny Football has been spotted:

…in the front row at an Angels-Rangers game, with his girlfriend and Instagram superstar Colleen Crowley.

…in the front row at the Cavaliers playoff game.

…and finally, back in the Cleveland Browns facility for a team workout.

Other than these public sightings, there haven't been any crazy stories circulating about Johnny Manziel. Unlike last year at this time, when he'd already been spotted snorting a line in Vegas.

Personally, Johnny appeals more to our betchy hearts when he's out getting in fights and choking way football games, but oh well. Pour one out for the loss of the partying legend that is Johnny Manziel. For now.


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