Johnny Depp Is Getting Married This Weekend

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are supposedly getting married this weekend. Besides their 23 year age gap – Edward Scissorhands was released when she started kindergarten – they're really happy, allegedly. Their wedding is being held on Johnny's private island in the Bahamas – casual. Johnny Depp was my first DILF crush (see Finding Neverland for confirmation), but his romantic history is an absolute disaster. He's been engaged four times – Sherilyn Fenn (who?), Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing), Winona Ryder (shoplifter), and Kate Moss (ever heard of her?). Plus he's been married twice – Lori Allison (idk) and Vanessa Paradis (French model/singer/treasure). Best of luck to Amber, that's not a track record I'd like to walk down the aisle towards.




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