John Legend Called Out Donald Trump Jr. (And Sr.) On Twitter

In the celebrity feud you didn’t know you needed, John Legend and Donald Trump Jr. had a Twitter fight and it was everything. If you didn’t already love John Legend’s voice and marriage to our Lord and savior Chrissy Teigen, this aggressive call-out should prompt your newest crush.

Here’s a breakdown of the exchange:

Donald Jr. was bitching about his dad’s cancelled rally in Chicago—maybe he was super bummed he didn’t get to show off his new pair of chinos?—and Tweeted about the “participation medal generation.” Tbh he’s not that wrong—like the selfie is the participation medal of photographs. But then he argued that the protestors didn’t even know what they were protesting. Idk, I can think of at least 6 billion reasons to protest Trump, and I barely keep up with the news.

Then John decided to help Jr. out to understand the situation—aka Donald Sr. is racist af, so people were protesting that. This isn’t a Michael Bay movie, Junior, it’s not that complicated.

Donald Jr. basically responded with “ugh, here we fucking go with the race card” but with more characters, and John took it to the next level and introduced an incredible phrase—”racist racists saying racist shit.” I feel like Lauren Conrad said that on The Hills, “bitchy bitches saying bitchy shit.”

So moral of the story: don’t fuck with the Teigen-Legends on Twitter, that’s their empire. 


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