Joe Biden Memes: The One Good Thing To Come Out Of The Pile Of Garbage Known As 2016

We’ve had a week now to process that a flaming hot cheeto with an affinity for pussy grabbing is going to be the president. Time is actually not making me feel any better about this, actually. But whatever.

We’ve all had to slowly start processing that our American idols, the Obamas, are going to be leaving the White House, and, sadly, they’re taking Joe Biden with them.

We’re mostly upset about good old Joe leaving because it’ll probably drastically cut down on the memes featuring him and the POTUS. As if dealing with Trump wasn’t bad enough, now we’re losing Joe Biden memes too. Basically, RIP, America.

The Biden memes may all have the same premise.

Joe: I’m going to do the thing
Obama: Don’t do the thing
Joe: Doing the thing.

But IDGAF that they’re all basically the same because they’re all basically hilarious.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the friendship it looks like Biden and Obama have. Their relationship is basically like, if every conversation you had with girls you were drunk with in the bathroom where you promised to be BFFs was reincarnated into the connection between two of the most powerful people in the world. It’s truly magical.

Yeah, 2016 may have been the worst, but at least it brought us some amazing laughs thanks to the great photos of Joe and Barack together. Can we all be best friends forever? We love you. 


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