Joe Biden Joined The Elite Squad Known As The Special Victims Unit. These Are His Stories.

In the US, most crime TV shows are considered especially heinous. On NBC, the dedicated actors and writers who support Detective Olivia Benson are members of an elite squad known as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. This week was the absolute best one of their stories, because Vice President Joe Biden guest starred.

Joe Biden appeared on SVU to talk about rape kit backlogs at police departments, which are a huge problem because they prevent successful prosecution of rape cases. While we’d love for Joe to grace primetime for the next 8 years, this one made a lot of sense because Joe wrote the Violence Against Women Act and is super involved in the sexual assault prevention program, It’s On US.

Seriously, this combined two of the best things that America has to offer. If you don’t love SVU, you’re just wasting your Netflix account.There are two kinds of betches in this world: those who admit to drunk dancing to the SVU theme song and liars. If you don’t love Joe Biden, then you’re absolutely heartless because that man is the ideal grandfather—he talks shit about people he hates, jogs around the West Wing with his bestie Obama, and wears a suit better than any summer analyst at Goldman Sachs.

So we finally figured out how to make America great again: have Joe Biden guest star on SVU. Somebody tell Donald Trump.


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