This Job Offer Photoshoot Is Way Better Than Your Lame Engagement Photos

We all remember the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie attends a baby shower and has her Manolos stolen.

If you haven’t seen it, you need a SATC education, stat. Anyway, what happens is she asks the homeowner to reimburse her the $400 for the shoes and the woman, who was formerly a single New York gal as well, refuses to give up the cash because she sees spending that much on shoes as a ridiculous expense.

Carrie argues she has paid out the ass to celebrate this lady’s life. She bought her an engagement present and a wedding present and, now, a baby gift.

Carrie Bradshaw Shocked

The point of the whole thing is that single people don’t get celebrated and that’s fucked up. Especially since Aziz Ansari’s book told me, like, 50 percent of American adults are single. See, it’s not super depressing you’re going to die alone; it just makes you part of the norm. JK it’s still super sad for you.

A California woman said “Fuck this shit; I want some recognition for my personal success.” And posted a photoshoot of her accepting a job offer to Facebook.

It kind of blows all your sad “engagement story” shoots out of the water because any ding dong can get married. I know like, so many actually terrible people who got married. Not everyone can land their dream job and rub it in your face with this much sass.

And don’t even get me started why this is better then your baby announcement photos. You want me to publicly celebrate the fact you had sex? Gross. Also, I’m not going to reward you for achieving something a lot of people do by accident.

Michael Kors Underwhelmed

I mean, you’ll probably always get more likes on your engagement pics than the status about how you graduated from college and have, like, a pretty decent job. But I think we owe Benita Abraham a thank you for pointing us all in a better direction. 


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