Watch Jimmy Kimmel Bring Up Josh Hutcherson’s Awkward Past

Josh Hutcherson – aka not Liam Hemsworth in “The Hunger Games” – was being interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel, when we were given the most incredible tbt of all time. First, Jimmy showed a video clip of a 13 year old Josh, complete with enough uncomfortable voice cracks to remind you of bar mitzvah season. Back in 2005, Josh was rocking Ryan Atwood chic – t-shirt underneath an unbuttoned button down with jeans and a leather jacket. Plus what looks like the pre-curser to the Justin Bieber swoop.

Apparently, a decade ago, Jimmy Kimmel gave Josh a fake id after they filmed their first interview. That’s kind of like when your older sister gave you her fake, and you had to pretend to be 25 when you were 16 and wear a lot of bronzer. Except Jimmy was just some rando guy trying to get a 13 year old to black out. Basically, he tried to Lindsay-Lohan Josh Hutcherson. But I’ve seen “Bridge to Terabithia”, and homeboy is way too soft for that.


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