Jessica Simpson’s Weight Fluctuations Helped Build A Retail Empire And Other Business News

Google is developing driverless cars

Google announced this week that they have been secretly developing a line of cars that drive themselves. The two seater vehicles, which the company plans to start testing later this year, won’t have steering wheels, breaks, or a dashboard. The vision, as Google co-founder Sergey Brin explained, is to eventually have a fleet of robot cars that people can summon like taxis, making actually owning a car (and calling an Uber) a thing of the past. In the short term, however, these cars will allow you to text, do your makeup, and check yourself out in the mirror all without ever touching a steering wheel…basically, exactly how we drive now except without the potential accidents and being a danger to others. Read article >>

Google’s staff is mostly a bunch of white guys

Speaking of Google, CNN reports that Google employees are overwhelmingly “white and male”…kind of like fraternities, or anyone who actually purchased Google Glass. Reports show that 70% of Google’s staff are men, 61% are white and 30% are Asian (because obviously). A statement by Google said “We’re not where we want to be when it comes to diversity” and that they made these figures public as a way of changing that. I mean, what says “let’s increase diversity” more than stats about how you are just a bunch of white dudes? Read article >>

Jessica Simpson’s weight fluctuations helped build a retail empire 

Jessica Simpson has developed a $1 billion retail empire. She attributes her success to her ability to understand women and the fact that she has been “every size on the planet.” Currently, the Jessica Simpson Collection comprises over 30 product categories, including shoes and sunglasses. Simpson has been so successful in retail, in fact, that the Editor-In-Chief of Forbes recently labeled her career as “astonishing.” See betches, this just serves as proof that you don’t need to be smart to make a lot of money. You just have to be a high profile star with a now irrelevant music career and a pregnancy that makes you gain enough weight that it looks like you ate your family. Soooo attainable. Read article >>


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