Jessica Biel Is Supposedly Preggo With JT’s baby

Well ladies, another one bites the dust. Rumors are flying that Jessica Biel, who isn’t as famous or important as her husband Justin Timberlake, is pregnant. Seriously? We’re still getting over Ryan Gosling AND Ryan Reynolds becoming daddys, but now JT? Is this the pregnancy pact, Hollywood edition? I could totally see Eva Mendes being the mastermind behind this whole thing. She’s a sketchy one, that Eva.

Anyways, according to a source close to Biel, she’s already 3 months along. Last week, photos were taken of her with a lil bump- so either the rumors are true or she’s emotional eating over this whole 7th Heaven sex scandal. Either way, Justin is going to be another DILF in Hollywood that began in 2014- AKA the year when all dreams were crushed. Hopefully their kid can dance and they don’t name them something completely fucking stupid.




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