Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Is Not So Honest

Last fall, Jessica Alba’s Honest Company was sued by a consumer for not being very honest, allegedly. The claim alleged that Alba’s professed “natural” products contain synthetic additives and also that the company’s sunscreen totes didn’t work. Side note: I’ll put artificial chemicals on my skin all day in order to not look like a leather bag when I’m 50.

Anyway, Alba is back at it again, fending off the lawsuit fiends. Organic Consumers Association is suing the company for mislabeling their baby formula as “organic” when it too contains synthetic ingredients not allowed in organic products.

According to Page Six, the association suing claims, “Honest’s conduct deceived and/or was likely to deceive the public”. “Consumers were deceived into believing that the ‘Organic’ Infant Formula was organic, as labeled,’” the suit alleges.

Jessica Alba’s peeps in legal responded by saying they were pretty sure the lawsuit was unfounded and would get dismissed. I mean, the language they used was more jargon-y, but you get it. 

I’m sure parents of “precious” babies care if what their tots are ingesting is actually organic or not.

But like, I feel if you actually cared that much about your kid you would 1. Read the ingredients on the labels of their formula or 2. Buy a product based on quality and not the fact Jessica Alba peddled it to you.

By the way, my friend informed me that she has to order in her baby’s formula from Germany or some shit because it’s certified organic and made from goat milk. Imported German goat milk formula now seems to me like the only choice for betchy moms out there. You heard it here first.


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