You NEED To Check Out This Hot AF Jeopardy Contestant

This week the internet has been taken by storm by Tom Flynn, aka “hot Jeopardy bro” who you may recognize as every hot guy you’ve ever made out with at a bar and then decided was too stupid to go home with but you probs have his number in your phone somewhere.

Well, not only is Hot Tom back, but he has provided us with some of the best jeopardy screen grabs of all time. Like this one where he sums up exactly how we feel every moment of every day of our lives: 

and this one where you get the full pictures, and see that not only did he only write “what” but he also put down more money than any of the other contestants who actually wrote real answers:

But Tom, who listed his occupation as “bartender” because of course (also please direct me to this bar thank you), did not totally waste his time on Jeopardy. He got in some very valuable stills for his future modeling contract. I believe this one is called Blue Steel: 

and this move, I think, is just called “The Hot Bartender”

So Tom, if you’re reading this, we don’t care that you came in last place on Jeopardy. TBH I would probably come in last place in Jeopardy. And, for the record, if you were my bae, you’d always come in first.


But no seriously I would fuck you. 


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