Bradley Cooper Backs JLaw In Fair Wage Negotiations

As much as I hate to admit this, I subscribe to Lena Dunham’s semi-helpful newsletter, Lenny. I usually just skim through it, because a lot of it is written by women who really just need a good cry. Recently, there was a contribution by former Betch of the Week Jennifer Lawrence that was actually insightful and interesting.

In her feminist-centric article, she discussed the fair wage issue between Hollywood actors. Like the rest of the world, Jennifer discovered how much her co-workers made when Sony was hacked. Pissed off, Lawrence penned her article for Lenny, focusing on the compensation male actors received for their work on American Hustle while she was paid grossly less.

Jennifer claims she didn’t negotiate enough, and “didn’t want to seem ‘difficult’ or ‘spoiled.'” Tired of trying to be perceived as cute and nice, Jennifer decided to cry (in an effective and betchy way) about it. Much to our surprise, JLaw attracted the attention of her hunky co-star Bradley Cooper.

Brad swoops in for the save, commenting that Amy Adams was also underpaid, making “…almost nothing” for her work on American Hustle. Nothing like a hottie to back you up.

As any betch knows, standing up for yourself and demanding more (esp. money) for personal gain is something of an everyday occurrence, and a vital part of being a betch. Having a job and making money is like, really important, particularly when you win a fucking Academy Award for it. 


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