Jennifer Lawrence Was Kind Of A Jerk To A Golden Globes Reporter

In terms of celebrity lionizing, Jennifer Lawrence is right up there with Beyonce and Adele in the “people will fucking cut you if you don’t like them” department. She’s attractive! She’s funny! She’s remarkably awkward in the most photographically opportune moments! She’s also, as it turns out, kind of a jerk if you’re a reporter:

To be fair, the guy did have the audacity to not be a native English speaker, so it’s kind of his bad for having to read the question off his phone. And then when he flubbed the part about which awards show he was at (because they’re all so unique!), the onus is on him for not having the stones to soldier forward after being humorlessly called out by one of the most famous people on the planet.

Imagine that, someone with the psychopathic ambition and self-importance to become a very famous actress isn’t always all that down to Earth…


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