Surprise, Jennifer Lawrence Is Still The Highest-Paid Actress

Just in case you forgot who runs Hollywood, Forbes confirmed this week that Jennifer Lawrence was the highest-paid actress for the second year in a row. This should come as a surprise to literally no one, because the cult of J. Law has stayed strong for like, six years now.

Jen raked in a cool $46 million over the past year, which doesn’t even include any of her endorsements or other appearances. Most of this came from the last Hunger Games movie, which somehow came out less than a year ago. This was casually $13 million more than second place, which went to Melissa McCarthy. Guess it pays big to be a Ghostbuster.

Jennifer Lawrence confused

The rest of the top five was Avenger Scarlet Johansson, not-pregnant Jennifer Aniston, and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing who we’ve never heard of but we’re sure she’s super cool or whatever. Notably absent from the list is Emma Stone, who people are maybe finally annoyed with. This could spell trouble for J. Law in the future, because she’s used up about 99% of our patience.

Jennifer Lawrence whatever


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