Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, & Adele Tell Taylor Swift’s Squad to Go Fuck Themselves

We’re all ready for 2015 to be over, mostly so we never have to hear the word “squad” every again. Taylor Swift thinks that she has a god damn monopoly on #friendshipgoalz, but there’s a new clique in town, and it’s a lot less basic.

Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Adele went to dinner in New York last week to celebrate being better than everyone else. ICYMI, Jenn just got released from the indentured servitude of the Hunger Games franchise; Emma’s getting ready for her inevitable Oscar nom, and Adele made the entire world sob. But like Taylor’s American flag decorated cake is cool too.

I feel like the Jenn, Emma, Adele group is like the group of girls that went to Ivy League schools while Taylor’s clique is the Patriot League.


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