Jennifer Aniston Is Trying The Taco Cleanse

If you’re still looking for the perfect diet or cleanse to help you get skinny in 2016, listen up: Jennifer Aniston, one of the holy goddesses of betchiness, is trying out the Taco Cleanse. The book, “The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven To Change Your Life,” has been flying off the shelves everywhere, and now Jen has said she’s getting in on the action. In an interview with Yahoo Food, she said that she’s ‘riveted,’ but had some important questions: “Isn’t the corn tortilla, like, not that good for you? And what about the cheese?” Jennifer Aniston, asking the tough questions.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be anxiously Googling to try and find out what Jen thinks of the cleanse, but until then we’ll probably just eat tacos anyway. Let us know, Jen!


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