Jay-Z Might Be Cheating On Beyonce With A Princess Of Long Island

We literally couldn't have come up with a better rumor than this one. Apparently one of the princesses of Long Island, Casey Cohen, is hooksing with Jay. According to people who probably have no idea, they see each other about twice a month and meet up in NYC. If you ask me, this sounds extremely vague and unclear. Like, did they meet up at his secret box at the Barclays Center? Give us like one detail and maybe we'll believe it.

I mean, this could be totally true, in which case(y) we say, REALLY JAY-Z?? A PRINCESS OF LONG ISLAND!?! Or, it could be a totally ridiculous rumor started by Ashlee White in an effort to make the princesses still seem relevant and to remind everyone that they exist. I mean, if that's the case then they definitely succeeded. 

Source: International Business Times


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