Jay Z Bought Beyoncé One of the Dragon Eggs From Game of Thrones

She may be Blue Ivy’s mom, Jay Z’s wife, and the girl crush of every red-blooded American female, but Beyoncé has her eyes on yet another extremely coveted role: Mother of Dragons. It is rumored (and semi-confirmed by GOT actress Emilia Clarke) that Jay Z recently bought her one of the ridiculously expensive (and equally fugly) dragon eggs that Daenerys Targaryen used in Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, it’s been confirmed that there is not an actual dragon inside, but let’s be real, if anyone could blur the lines of reality and HBO’s fantasy world, it would be Queen Bey. Before you starts rolling your eyes (have some respect, you peasant), let’s look at her qualifications. Some of the non-negotiable traits of Khaleesi include:

Having a name that’s hard to spell and pronounce but somehow everyone knows it. Check.

Being the envy of every woman throughout her kingdom. Check.

An awesome weave. Check

Has an army of loyal followers who will kill anyone who crosses her. Check.

Taming reckless animals that deserve to be locked in a dungeon. (Like Kanye?) Check.

Flawless. Check.

Ok, so now that we’ve all agreed that Beyoncé Knowles Tagaryen is worthy of such a role, we can all sleep soundly knowing that one of these extremely costly (yet surprisingly worthless) dragon eggs is safe with our own real-life Mother of Dragons. I’m sure she’ll set it up in her display case along with 20 Grammys. It may not be cute or useful, but one thing is for sure: Blue Ivy is going to get some major cool points when she brings that thing in for show-and-tell.


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