Jamie Lynn Spears Has A New TLC Special, Because TLC Isn’t Trashy Enough Already

You could be forgiven if you haven’t thought about Jamie Lynn Spears since she got pregnant way back in 2007, but she’s still here! Jamie is getting a new TLC special later this month, and she wants to prove that she’s “not just someone’s sister.” It’s great that Jamie Lynn wants to distance herself from Britney, but she should probably remember that TLC wouldn’t give her a special if she was just some rando without a super famous sister.

The special is called Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out, because no TLC special is complete without a title that makes us want to throw up in our mouth. It premieres on June 26, which is also when Jamie Lynn will drop her new single “Sleepover.” Sorry Jamie Lynn, but “Sleepover” still just makes us think of that awful movie with the girl from Spy Kids.

The only thing we’re really looking forward to about this is hearing her talk more about her teen pregnancy, because that guy that knocked her up was low-key super hot. Since then, she’s gotten married to a guy who is also named Jamie, because nothing is good in this world.


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