James Franco Hits on a 17-Year-Old on Instagram

Apparently James Franco has been hitting on the youth via Instagram. Frankly, no pun intended, we're more surprised it's a she rather than a he. But if it's a publicity stunt to promote some upcoming film about an Canyons-esque erotic thriller based on the interactions on social media, we're still surprised the person on the other end isn't being prompted for a #dickpic. The screenshots speak for themselves. FYI if you're confused whether or not this should be considered statutory rape take a second to consider the fact that she thought the question “what's your #?” translates to “what's your hashtag” instead of “what's your number.” In the wise words of Pauly D… SHE'S TOO YOUNG FOR YOU BRO.

Debate if you think it's real or not in the comments. Ps. Who the fuck is Lucy?? 

Source: Dlisted


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