James Franco Had His Bar Mitzvah This Weekend

At the age of 37, James Franco is finally a man. Just a couple decades late, our favorite stoner bro had his Bar Mitzvah, which means he’s a real adult at last. James’ party basically sounds like the best night ever, and it featured a performance from Miley Cyrus, who was wearing a blue thong leotard and Star of David wristbands. The whole night was planned by Seth Rogen, and the festivities also featured an appearance by Zac Efron as James’ foreskin.

Okay, so we’re not sure how seriously James Franco is taking this whole Judaism thing, but it sounds like this night was fucking fun. It also raised money for Alzheimer’s research through Seth Rogen’s charity. We can only hope there’s a Bar Mitzvah video floating around somewhere, because we would pay good money to see James Franco get paraded around in a chair.


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