Want To Be James Bond? MI6 Is Hiring

Every time another James Bond movie comes out a bunch of drunk frat boys all of a sudden think it is a good idea to join the real British Secret Service, MI6. Finally, they have taken the hint and will be actively recruiting people this time around. However, the movie isn’t 100% accurate when it comes to what makes a successful entry level job candidate. Apparently, drinking heavily while on the job, fucking anything with a pulse and wearing custom Tom Ford isn’t on the job description.

Hilariously, MI6 is trying to portray a non-James-Bond-ish image with their recruitment campaign. According to a source, “James Bond would probably not be successful in joining [MI6], if he were to apply.” Such a bummer, so betches, don’t be fooled into thinking that you will surrounded by hundreds of well dressed, alcoholic brits if you apply to become a secret agent. They are most likely just the weirdos who actually participated in your Gov class.


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