Ivanka Trump Thinks Her Dad Is A Feminist, LOL

Ivanka Trump thinks her fatheralso known as the personification of orange flesh—is a feminist. No, really. She told London’s Sunday Times, “My father is a feminist.” (No word on if she was able to say it without laughing.)

The same man who once told a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice that, “That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees” doesn’t seem to be like, especially worried about women’s rights. Or human rights. Or right versus left. Or really anything. 

Considering that within his campaign staff (75% male, btw) there’s a pay disparity between his male and female employees (hint: the females get paid less), Trump definitely doesn’t seem to be a purveyor of gender equality so much as he’s a purveyor of mocking the appearance of women around him and being generally deplorable.

Sure, it’s true that Trump has always been supportive of Ivanka, but only in that really special vomit-in-your-mouth incestual kind of way. Like when he’s talked about how hot she is time and time again, or posed inappropriately on parrot statues with her. 

I’m not saying you’re not entitled to your (wrong) opinion, Ivanka, I’m just saying—wait, why are those parrots fucking???



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