IT’S ON, BETCHES: Solange Deletes Every Single Photo Of Beyonce From Her Instagram

Hell hath no fury like a Solange Knowles scorned. After the video leaked yesterday of her attempting to beat the shit out of Jay Z, Solange deleted every single picture (except one) of Beyonce off her Instagram account, which is apparently the new form of celebrity revenge since Brandi Glanville made shadily revealing that your friends once lived in Calabasas SO 2013.

But seriously, I’m sure it’s no coincidence that this shit happened at the same time as Beyonce instagrammed some Bible prayer shit about geting rid of bad influences in your life and idk, less than than 24 hours before the world mocked a video of her sister pretending her husband was a kickboxing punching bag. If I were Solange, I’d be scared. The Beygency is definitely on this. Solange better update her security codes and hide her weaves. 

Commenters were quick to point out that Solange forgot to delete this one 



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