It’s Fall, It’s Cold, It’s Time for Slutty Tights

Status update: it’s freezing all the time now. “Do I need a jacket?”, is not even something you should start typing because from now until Memorial Day is officially frigid hell for all of us who don’t live in Florida or SoCal. Luckily, there is a quick solution for this level of arctic-ness—tights, the sluttiest ones you can find.
Basic black ones are fine, if you’re Kate Middleton. But if the classy-police aren’t after you then, as a betch, it is your right to wear chic slutty tights. Polka dots, geometric shapes, printed; whatever your heart desires. Wolford is always a good place to start.  We know you’re going to be wearing all black everything for the next 6 months, so why not add a pop of design to your legs? Slutty tights bring attention, and if they are just sophisticated enough, I promise it will be the right kind of attention. 

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