The Italian Government Hates Vegans Even More Than We Do

There are two people on this planet that I don’t relate to whatsoever. Trump supporters and vegans. I’m a meat fan myself, but I get people who choose not to eat it. Do you. But vegans? How tf do you live without cheese? No pizza, no cheese dip… How do you even live? Well some Italian parliamentarian agrees with me and is trying to lock up parents forcing their crazy vegan ways on their kids. And I’m not exaggerating. She literally wants to send them to fucking jail.

Yas Queen

Elvira Savino (Italian government lady, aka queen) says that vegan diets keep kids from getting all the nutrients they need to grow right and that parents should be punished for fucking up their kids’s health. She’s proposing up to FOUR YEARS of jail time if the children end up getting health problems related to veganism and inadequate nutrition. Damn, homie. That seems dramatic. But if it means less annoying vegans trying to shove their meat- and cheese-less ways down my throat, then I’m all fucking for it.

Gimme some more cheese


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