Is It Wrong To Have Sex With A Guy Just To Up My Number? Dear Betch…

Dear betches,

Right now I'm at my summer job and trying to stay occupied so here goes…I lost my virginity in the way that most girls think they will when they're 13. I had a boyfriend that I loved and trusted at 17 and although it wasn't his first time I didn't really care. We broke up but he's still the only guy I've slept with. He had sex while we were broken up but then we started hooking up for a bit. He told me about this other girl and I wasn't too mad cause we weren't even talking at that time, but then he had sex with another girl while we were kind of hooking up so I was just like bye, that's too much. We weren't exclusive but he knows that that would hurt me. Whatever, not really the point…

Now I've been hooking up with this other guy who's way hotter but I don't have feelings for. Is it wrong to have sex with him just so that my ex isn't the only one I've been with? I'm now 19 and I just feel like it's losing my virginity all over again!

Dear Born Again Virgin,

Ugh, okay. I get so many “is it wrong to sleep with this guy even if xyz”-type questions that I think it's time to address this once and for all. Look. Is this guy in a relationship? Are you forcing him into having sex? Is he underage? Are you neglecting to disclose your HIV-positive status? No? Then congratulations, you both are now two consenting adults who aren't hurting anybody and having sex is not wrong. Does everybody get that? Good, stop emailing me about it

Unless you have talked to this guy and he's said he wants to marry you the second he puts it in, you're freaking out over nothing. People have sex with other people they find hot but don't have deeper feelings for all the time. Obviously this is a new concept to you, but I can promise you meaningless sex is a thing humans have been doing for centuries. Relax.

Welcome to the world of casual hookups,

The Betches


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