Science Says Using Your iPhone Too Much Causes Wrinkles

Dermatologists now suggest that using your iPhone excessively leads not only to break outs, but to wrinkles too.


Basically, we’re all fucked, so we might as well give up now. IDK what’s worse at this point. Do I live a life void of my iPhone? Or do I suffer the consequences and end up with something called “tech neck” at the tender age of 30? (It’s as dire as it sounds.)

According to science, neck wrinkles and chin sagging (excuse me, I’m currently throwing up the food I didn’t have for lunch), are caused by the ways in which we Millennials/people of the world look down at our iPhones/iPads/computers. Also, squinting causes crows feet, so there’s that.

Before you scream and run away in terror, there are things you can do and they don’t involve giving up your technology. Hold your phone and other devices at eye level, and like if you can’t see the fucking screen, get some glasses. SO…good luck to you all, but I’m off to get preventative Botox now, BYE. 


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