WTF Is The Iowa Caucus?

Taking a break from not caring about the news is, like, kind of a necessity right now to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t become president. Some sort of big politics thing is happening today in Iowa. In case you’re wondering “WTF is the Iowa Caucus?” and what it means for the election, we’re here to break it down.

WTF is a Caucus?

A caucus is kind of like a primary election, but there are no voting booths. Instead, political parties hold meetings to discuss and vote for their favorite candidate and discuss topics important to the party’s voters in that state.

Voters gather in small groups based on their voting precinct.  Iowa will have more than 1,600 precinct meetings. 


Does it Matter Which Party You Belong To?

Um, yeah. It matters. The democrats and republicans Caucus differently.

At the democratic caucuses, there are “Precinct Captains” who help organize the meetings. Dems literally group up and stand with other supporters of a specific candidate. So if you want Hillary to be the Democratic nominee, you’ll have to, like, literally get off your ass and stand next to a bunch of other Hillary supporters.

If you have like, something wrong with your head or just can’t even today because it’s a Monday, Vermont Public Radio will explain it to you using Legos.

Republicans can pick a candidate on the low at their caucus. They vote by raising their hand or on a secret ballot.

Does it Matter Who Wins?

Kind of. A candidate doesn’t have to win the caucus to become either party’s nominee, but it sure helps. Even though betches and Ricky Bobby believe “If you’re not first, you’re last,” you basically have to end up in the top three to even be considered a serious candidate. No candidate who has finished worse than third has ever gone on to be president.

The caucus just basically builds a lot of momentum for the candidates. Caucus is also super fun to say because it has the “cock” sound in it. So now that you know what it means, you can say it a bunch today.

Happy Caucusing, betches! 


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