Some Genius Invented a Coloring Book Filled With Swears

So unfortunately, this announcement is coming too late to actually make use of during the holidays. However, for next year you are going to be ready. Have a Secret Santa/grab bag/other anonymous gift exchange situation that you just can’t even with? Well, some genius in England has got you covered, an illustrator named Sarah Bigwood (I wonder if she has a hot soccer-playing-I-mean-futbol brother?), just launched a coloring book that is entirely made up of swears written in beautiful bedazzled cursive. Seriously, this thing is work of art.

I feel like if you give this to your little cousin for his birthday next year, you will simultaneously piss off that aunt you hate and become that cool older hero cousin in your family. So it’s a win win.

But also, I feel like this thing could be a great adult present too. Like just think of the drinking games you could do with this thing. Perfect for a girls night in, i.e. lets get blackout on wine, send slutty snaps to all the guys in our phones and insta the shit out of our freshly gel-manicured nails holding wine glasses. I’m feel like coloring needs to come back into our lives. 


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