Introducing Pizza Condoms

Further proof the food vs. sex debate is a real one: pizza condoms

Some Russian girl decided to combine Americans' favorite two things and make pizza condoms a thing. When you first read that you probably pictured a condom in the shape of a pizza or pizza flavored and no you dumb fuck that wouldn't work and sounds pretty nasty.

What this Russian designer did was put a normal condom in a wrapper that looks like a pepperoni pizza and then put it in a mini delivery pizza box. Pretty genius for people who can't decided if they'd rather go out to dinner or get laid.

She said it is inspired by a scene from Friends, where everyone debates if they would rather give up food or sex. Joey says he wants both so this Russian chick aims to fix this issue people are faced with…..really creating groundbreaking inventions to change the world.

Only thing better than this would be if your boyfriend actually came over with a real life pizza instead of a dumb condom in a mini pizza box.

Then again if you're having sex with bros who actually buy this shit you should probably reconsider your selection in guys.

Pretty genius


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