Here’s What Mary Kate and Ashley’s Movie Boyfriends Are Up To Now

The Olsen twins celebrated their 30th birthday a few days ago, and fuck, does that make us feel old. In honor of their birthday, this writer at Uproxx sat down with the boyfriends from the Olsen twin movies and interviewed them. 

As you might guess, most of these names aren’t people you’d recognize. The parents in the Olsen twin movies went on to do more things than the boyfriends did. Still, there are worse things than saying you peaked at being a fake boyfriend to an Olsen twin.

The creepiest part of this interview by far was the fact that the twins were 15 when they were making out with 22-year-olds on film. This quote from Ben Easter (Holiday in the Sun) is all sorts of weird: “We clicked right away. I remember there being a little bit of a concern of the age difference because, I cannot believe it, they were just turning 15. I was 21 or 22 and looked like a baby. I remember Ashley saying, ‘No, it’s fine.’ And it was fine. They’re very mature for their age.”

Yikes. But the twins were part of the casting process, which means they basically got to choose who they wanted to be their boyfriends on screen. I mean, it’s betchy to want to date older men, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Mary Kate was like, “Nobody under 20, please.”

When asked if they still keep in touch with the twins, the answers are mixed. Some sound like normal dudes and say they went on to do other things. But this guy’s answer was major shade: “To be honest I have no idea what they’re up to. I don’t even know if their line is still at Walmart. I’m just happy that they didn’t turn into crazy drug addicts…” Lol. Wait, who dis?

And he goes on to name drop Haylie Duff: “I used to date this girl named Haylie Duff and her sister was Hilary Duff and that girl. I could tell you stories of how many times she could have gotten in trouble legally and probably lost her job because of things that she would do with her friends.” Oh, you used to date “this girl” named Haylie Duff? This is an interview about the Olsen twins for the internet, and you don’t think people will catch your obvious Hilary Duff name dropping?

And this quote is just a little bit sad: “They were on the tarmac getting ready to get on their jet or whatever and go to Berlin or something. They live a different life than a lot of us. [Laughs.]” Yes, yes they do.

Still, we salute the boys for playing a part in our childhoods.


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