The Internet Has A Big Lesbian Crush On Elsa

While we wait for Finding Dory to grace movie theaters, people are demanding a new plotline for Frozen 2: a girlfriend for Queen Elsa.

The Internet has decided, in its omniscient power, that Elsa is a lesbian. Apparently if a Queen doesn’t have a male love interest, it’s because she’s batting for the other team. I’m not saying that Elsa is definitely straight, but I’m saying it’s kind of a leap to assume she isn’t just because she wasn’t interested in fuckboys like Prince Hans. But considering the movie takes place during cuffing season, it’s kind of weird Elsa was single.

The online movement is #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, and its supporters claim that having a lesbian Disney princess is really important visibility for kids that are afraid to come out as gay. That’s a pretty powerful argument, especially considering how the majority of Disney princesses have been gold diggers prowling for bachelors—sorry Belle, but I’m looking at you.

I’m sure a Gender Studies major is writing their senior thesis on how “Let It Go” is an anthem about coming out to your parents about being gay, not accepting your ability to turn things to ice. 


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