Betchy Breakdown: Instagram Vs. Snapchat Stories

Since we all got the new Insta update, it’s been kind of overwhelming deciding whether something should be posted to your Instagram story or just on the old go-to, Snapchat.

Ugh, life is so hard.

You can’t, like, post all the same things to both. That’s like sharing the same photo on every social media platform. Gross.

Some of my friends have even brought up the idea of deleting their Snapchat in favor of the Instagram update. I mean, that would open up some storage space on your iPhone, but let’s not jump to any rash conclusions.

So let’s compare the two.

Instagram Stories: Pros

  • You already follow a bunch of people so you don’t have to add them separately to watch what’s going on their lives.
  • Instagram is basically always open on your phone anyway.
  • Your unattractive friends can’t hide behind insane filters to seem cute, sorry not sorry uggos.

Instagram Stories: Cons

  • You can’t hide behind insane filters to seem cute
  • Just because you follow someone on Instagram doesn’t mean you care to get their updates.
  • You’re still mad at Instagram for changing the way your feed shows up.

Snapchat: Pros

  • You have a good thing going with Snapchat and you don’t want to mess with that
  • The filters are often hilarious and give you something to do when you’re bored
  • Your parents don’t follow you on Snapchat

Snapchat: Cons

  • Every time Snapchat updates you have no idea how it works
  • You’re mad you can’t save pics directly to your camera roll anymore and you have to go through like six more steps to actually save the picture. So dumb.
  • Some of your favorites have abandoned Snapchat already in favor of Instagram Stories.

So where does that leave us? I mean, they’re both still relevant so it’s kind of up to you where you choose to post. Just don’t be annoying about it, which is basically the rule for all aspects of social media, right?


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