Instagram Is Trying To Commit Social Suicide

Listen up everyone, stop double-tapping and pay attention. In a move that literally no one asked for, Instagram is considering making a major change to how it organizes posts. Up until now, Instagram has always been chronological, which means that the newest posts show up first, and it all goes in order. This is good. We like this. This means that your photo of your $23 salad gets lots of likes, because all your friends are addicted to Instagram and will like it right away.

The new system would be based on an algorithm, which basically means the stuff with the most likes would show up at the top of your feed. This is shitty for you, because it means that everyone will be busy liking Kylie Jenner’s lipstick promos while your $23 salad withers way down with the sunset pictures and basically anything posted by a normal person. This is basically the system that Facebook uses, but like, worse.

People on social media are already turnt about Instagram’s rumored change, and not in a good way. #RIPInstagram is picking up steam, and tbh we can’t argue. We won’t say we’re attention whores, but literally what’s the point of posting a picture on Instagram if the only person who’ll see it is that weird girl from high school who likes everything you post? Pull yourself together, Insta.


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