Instagram Bans #Goddess Hashtag

Continuing on their testosterone-fueled rampage, Instagram has banned yet another hashtag. This week’s “inappropriate” categorization is #goddess. Ridic, I know. Apparently it may have been an automated banning, which happens when tags don’t follow the app’s Community Guidelines, but still, what else are we supposed to write when we WCW ourselves?

Also, like, we get it, Instagram isn’t supposed to promote NSFW stuff, but this ban happened for literally no reason, as far as we know. There are tons of pervs still out there tagging gross and probs inappropriate shit left and right who aren’t using #goddess, so what gives? Our #1 pet peeve is inconsistency. Get your shit together, Instagram.

Anyway, in retaliation, the counter-hashtag #bringbackthegoddess has started circulating around the Insta world. I can’t wait to see which hashtag gets banned tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be #kale and I can finally stop pretending I like it. Way to go Instagram, you pissed off basically everybody.


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