Dieting is Easier than We Think, According to New Food Documentary

We hear about a new diet every day, and even as the trendy betches we are, we can’t keep up. One week we’re cleansing, one week we’re gluten free, and a month later we’re carbo-loading (Is butter a carb?)

In the new documentary “In Defense of Food,” which premiered last week on PBS, Michael Pollan addresses the question of “WTF do we eat to be healthy?” and it turns out the answer is pretty easy. For those of you who have never heard of Michael Pollan, he’s a foodie author who teaches idiots like us how to put down the Diet Coke and eat an apple. In his book Food Rules, he literally lays out a list of food rules to follow, basically telling us to eat plants. Yay kale?

Anyway, in this new documentary based on his most recent book, Pollan actually defends food. Good food. Organic veggies, fresh fruits, and even lean meats, so you can put away the tofu burger. He says America’s biggest problem is our worrying about nutrition, and if we stop thinking about new diets and ways to maneuver the food system, we can just thrive on eating real food. The documentary is worth a watch if you have an hour or two, or you can just skip around and get the point. Michael Pollan’s blunt approach to nutrition is betchy AF. Skip the Oreos and pick up a green bean. Basically, don’t eat foods with ingredients that you wouldn’t be able to read wasted. 


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