The Worst Dressed At The iHeartRadio Music Awards

iHeartRadio, more like iHeartHandMeDowns. Get ready for a fucking shitshow, because this was the worst dressed awards show this year. Good thing a lot of the people attending work in radio, because these outfits were NOT appropriate for the public.

Chris Brown

Those pants look like Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend slashed his pants and he needed to stop the blood with a weird bandana. Or maybe she got her period on him?

Maybe it was Zendaya?

She is basically one weird hat away from being that VH1 pickup artist who went (goes?) by Mystery.



Elvis Duran

What is this, a tropical themed frat party? Get it together.

Weird jumpsuits were a huge trend:

Cruella Deville or Demi Lovato?

And then there was….this:

Okay, we’re fucking done here.



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