Iggy Azalea Dressed Up As Marlon Wayans In White Chicks For Halloween

Iggy Azalea decided to ignore the fact that she had a free pass to dress up her infamous ass this Halloween, and instead fucking owned Snoop Dogg. So Snoop and Iggy had this heinously boring feud over the past couple of weeks, where he said without makeup she looked like Marlon Wayans from White Chicks. I mean, he's not that wrong, @thefatjewish has been saying this for months. Anyways, this blew up like when Facebook released the timeline.


Snoop Dogg apologized this week like the adult he actually is, but Iggy wasn't quite ready to let this die. She dressed up like Marlon Wayans aka Tiffany Wilson (“Oh my god, she's going to have a bitch fit”). This was so shady by Iggy so like good job, but also she looks so fucking much like Marlon Wayans in White Chicks. Snoop Dogg wasn't trying to be mean, he was just being honest.

If you want a healthy dose of secondhand embarrassment, make sure you watch the video of Iggy dancing to “A Thousand Miles.”




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