Iggy Azalea Cancelled Her Tour And Here’s Why

Resident most hated pop star on the Internet Iggy Azalea has cancelled her upcoming North American tour. My sincerest condolences to all 15 of you who will have to have your tickets refunded. Somewhere in the deep pits of Twitter, you can hear Azealia Banks cackling maniacally.

Iggy spoke to Seventeen magazine earlier this week about the reasoning behind her choice to cancel, which in itself is indicative of why it needed to happen. Apparently there was more to the decision than the fact that no one wanted to spend money to watch her spit incoherently on a microphone for an hour and a half while T.I. winced backstage. Here’s the breakdown of why you won’t get to watch a live performance of Fancy and 10 other songs you don’t care about this summer.

Iggy is Tired

Being widely disliked will do that to you, I guess. After “two years of going non-stop,” Iggy wants a chance to sit back and enjoy the fruits of her labor. And despite how you might feel about her music, it's hard to deny that Iggy hasn't been all over the place since Fancy blew up.

She Couldn’t Find Openers

Initially, Nick Jonas and Tinashe were both set to open for Iggy on this tour. Presumably they both decided they valued their careers and bailed when it was initially postponed. Since then Iggy has had a hard time finding the right acts to replace them, which is understandable because no one wants to tether themselves to a sinking ship.

She’s Sick of Her Own Music

Do you get PTSD flashbacks of summer day drinking when you hear the first couple beats of Fancy? Iggy too, apparently. Her album, The New Classic, has been out for a while and even Iggy is sick of it. She wants to use the time that would have been spent touring to revamp her image and come up with some new, fresh music. Hopefully she can also learn how to freestyle without sounding like she’s summoning a demon and not culturally appropriate black people while she’s at it. Who knows, maybe she's right to take this time to focus on her sound. If Pretty Girls is any indication of what’s next for her, she’s going to need all the help she can get.





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