Betchy Manhattan High School Has Its Own Virtual Burn Book

Mean Girls is not only the Bible of millennial women everywhere, it’s also a lifestyle for kids at Hunter College High School in NYC. A group of guys, who titled themselves MILK for some unknown reason (probs daddy issues), created an inbox where they talked major shit about their classmates—including “homophobic slurs and rating girls’ appearances.” I’d bet a decent amount of money that one of these boys said someone was “almost too gay to function” about one of his classmates.

Put it in the book

Hunter College is an elite school in Manhattan that is free for students but super competitive to get into, so it’s full of really smart kids whose parents didn’t send them to private school. If you didn’t think that kids with high test scores could be dicks, think again.

Mean Girls

Some kid whom apparently students at Hunter are referring to as “Snowden” (real original), leaked screenshots of the inbox conversations. So basically, he is the Regina George of 2016. MILK hasn’t been punished yet, but I’m assuming their college recommendations will be sent with a note that they’re fugly sluts.

Burn Book


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