Hulk Hogan Made Bank From His Sex Tape Lawsuit (Vom)

For some reason, Gawker decided that people would actually enjoy seeing Hulk Hogan thrusting in a sex tape. No, thank you.

Regardless, Gawker unfortunately aired part of his secretly-shot sex tape three years. And Hulk Hogan agreed that his private parts should stay private, because he sued Gawker Media for publishing a portion of the sex tape that was made without his knowledge. He cashed in for $115 million in that lawsuit on Friday.

The sex tape featured Hogan and the wife of his former best friend approximately five years before Gawker published the clip. You can’t make this shit up. Apparently, his best friend “Bubba the Love Sponge” Clem (not a joke) can be heard on the end of the tape saying “Heather, this is our retirement.”

Ironically, Hulk Hogan is coming out richer out of the whole ordeal due to the “severe emotional distress” he suffered. This is the same man that has openly discussed his sex life for years, but whatever. You go, Glen Coco.


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