How To: Throw The Best Effing Mimosa Party Ever

You’re having a bridal shower/girls brunch/baby shower with drinking/bitchfest/regular afternoon. Therefore, you need a mimosa bar.

We all know that no brunch is complete without this bubbly drink. I mean, is there anything WORSE than going out to brunch Sunday morning and realizing it isn’t noon yet so you literally have to fucking wait to fix your hangover with more alcohol? Having a mimosa bar at home solves this problem.

Here are our pointers for having the best effing mimosa party ever:

1. Have more than Champagne: Okay so honestly, this one is a little out there, but hear us out—having Champagne plus prosecco PLUS something like seltzer (for lil bitches too hungover to drink at 9am) gives your guests options and ups the mimosa game. Like yes, at the end of the day, a mimosa is orange juice and Champagne, but we’re taking some fucking artistic license here, k?

2. Have more than just orange juice out: So having fresh-pressed orange juice à la Ina Garten is awesome and all, but what if I’m watching my sugar? What if I’m on a grapefruit diet? Keep with the citrus thing, but we recommend a pitcher of orange juice, one of grapefruit juice, one of pineapple juice, and one of some sort of fruit blend. Everyone will think you’re super fancy and chic.


Champagne + grapefruit juice + sage = #mimosasundays Need! #wakemenot #mimosa #grapefruitmimosa #sundays

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3. Your accoutrements should be on point: It isn’t all about what’s in the drink—some betches want to garnish that shit with some fresh fruit or whatever. Make sure you have a bowl of freshly sliced oranges, cubed pineapple, even fresh raspberries. Shit, if you’re feeling really festive, freeze some lemon peel and strawberry slices in ice the night before and have that shit ready to go during your soirée. Omg so presh!

4. Décor, décor, décor: If you’re setting a table to serve as the mimosa bar, don’t be like Sandra Lee and do some fucking shitty tablescape. “OMG a boat theme!” said no one ever. Keep it classic and streamlined. If you have a lot of white ceramic and glass pitchers, stick with those and keep it simple. If you love Mason jars, barn wood, and rustic shit, stick to that (even though we’re judging you). Fresh cut flowers should OBVIOUSLY be worked in somewhere, but don’t go crazy. Remember, a betch doesn’t LOOK like she’s trying—she’s just flawless naturally—and your mimosa bar should be the same.


“Pour the bubbly, add some juice, top with Fruit.” #MimosaBar #Brunch #HellaPinterest #HappyBirthdayBaby

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Oh, and make sure you have appropriately matching (or cutesy mismatched) glassware. Nothing is tackier than not having enough glasses. 


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