How to Tell if You’re a Side Piece

Betches should always be numero uno in a dude’s heart. If he’s chasing other girls while he’s supposed to be with you, it will definitely impact your HBIC status.

Be the main chick or not his chick at all. Here’s how to recognize if you’re the side piece.

He Doesn’t Show You Off

If a guy wants other people to know you’re together or at least kind of dating, it’s a pretty good sign you’re not a side chick. Side chicks are the recipients of thirsty fuck boy texts at 1:00 a.m. not “Hey, let’s go to dinner” texts. If he won’t take you around his friends, roommates or family, congrats, you’re a side piece.

He’s Shady About His Phone

Yeah, it makes you a crazy betch if you feel the need to compulsively go through a guy’s phone. But if your guy is a Shady McShadester about incoming calls and texts, you know you’re not his only girl. Did he hide his whole Facebook timeline and photos? He’s probably also hiding the tagged pictures of him and other girls.

He’s Literally Dating Someone Else

Did this guy straight out tell you he has a wife/girlfriend/life-partner? If the answer is yes, you’re an idiot and need to back the hell out of this situation.  If he didn’t flat out tell you he’s with somebody else but his Facebook status says otherwise, you’re dating a creep on an even bigger level. Just say no to home wrecking, please.

He Won’t Commit

If things seem to be going well between you two but he just won’t pull the trigger to commit, it’s probably because he’s searching for something better. I mean, good fucking luck because you’re the best thing out there. You aren’t dating Chuck Bass, that guy doesn’t actually exist. You’re dating an asshole who thinks you’re not good enough. SHUT IT DOWN.


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