How to Take the Perfect Food Instagram

I know what you’re all been laying awake at night wondering. How do you take the perfect food insta? I mean, we all eat food and we all think we’re good at instagram yet somehow, this world is full of unnecessarily saturated pics of ice cream cones and In-N-Out feasts. Being a foooodieee myself, I’ve had to master the process. Here’s how:

1. Lighting

This is key. Have you ever been in a dark restaurant and you’re getting blinded by a bunch of lights from a table in the back corner? Yup, those are my people. We call ourselves food bloggers and we’re just trying to find the perfect lighting for our appetizers. How do we do it? We buy a real camera with a good flash or ask 3 of our besties at the table to shine their phone’s flashlight on our beautiful avocado toast until we get the perfect angle and shot.

2. Patience

Yes you will be eating cold food by the time you get the perfect picture. It may take up to 40 mins just to get that drool worthy shot. By the time each instagrammer finishes with their photo-shoot, you may have to ask the waiter to re-heat your food.

3. Angle

If you took a picture of your uni sushi head on, did it ever really happen? The answer is fuck no. You must think about what is that one piece of uni’s good side. Is it to the right? Slightly from below? You want to make sure it shines on that plate so don’t be afraid to stand /crouch on your chair in the middle of the restaurant.

4. Texture

You want that shit to ooze. If your picture isn’t going to make someone want to eat their phone, you are doing it so so wrong. If you are about to indulge in a chocolate molten cake, you better not let Grandpa Henry go for the first bite. You STOP him in his tracks! You cut that molten cake in half and let the chocolate seep out, to get that absolutely necessary unreal omg picture.

5. Caption

Last but not least. If you don’t know what a pun is delete your food instagram immediately.

6. Hashtags

These can get your insta trending AF. Pick really good hashtags. And make sure there’s like a lot so people know that you’re not fucking around but also that you put a lot of thought into these. Suggestions include: #eatingfortheinsta #nodiettoday #dietstartstomorrow #chocolatewasted #youwannapizzame #BAEgel

There’s a lot to learn about how to take the best Instagram photo. Now go grab a few besties, pick a place to eat, and see who can take the best food instagram without getting kicked out of the restaurant.  


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