How To Recover From A Drunk Eating Binge

We all know this scenario: you have a glass of wine. You have another glass of wine. You have a shot. Oh look beer. Before you know it, you’ve imbibed the equivalent of a six pack and the munchies have set in. Suddenly, all the delicious gross food you had very graciously sacrificed eating in order to save your bikini body becomes legit irresistible. You’re in trouble, and your blackout self is in no position to make a reasonable assessment about how much food should go into your body in one sitting. Cue the dreaded drunk eating binge. Waking up in a pile of Taco Bell wrappers, pizza boxes, and empty cookie dough containers leaves you less hungover (because obviously all those carbs just soaked up your alcohol) but feeling bloaty, farty, and very, very chubby. How do you overcome this? What can you possibly eat or do to make it all better? Don’t worry. We gotchu.

1. Water

For the rest of the day, and arguably the week, stick to water. That means no juice, soda, seltzer, or ESPECIALLY alcohol. We know it sucks, but it’ll keep you hydrated and help replenish lost minerals during your binge fest.

2. Fiber

Got some of that Benefiber or Metamucil in your pantry? You’ll want it to help power through what you just did to your body. Not only will all of the fiber help you poo out the extra calories, it’ll help you stay fuller longer and make you less likely to overeat for the rest of the week. Don’t have any? Grab some oats, nuts, brown rice, and quinoa if you really need carbs—that’ll boost your fiber, too.

3. Exercise

Yah, it totally sucks, but if you’ve destroyed your body with pizza and Bojangles, you need to get back on track with exercising. Even walking an extra 2-3 steps miles per day, making sure you’re up more during all hours of the day, and staying on your feet will keep things a lil more on the healthy side after that episode last Friday night.

4. Veggies And Fruits

Yah, you want to eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables to make up for your drunk eating binge, but stick to those that are especially packed with hydration and bloat-busting power. Asparagus, cucumbers, and celery are AWESOME for this, as are kiwis and blackberries. Time to make a terrible tasting smoothie. Note: Steer clear of shit like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower—it’ll make you more bloated, and you don’t need that shit right now.

5. No Dessert

Okay yeah, you don’t deserve anything extra after your binge. I don’t care how much you’re craving pasta to help you feel better or an ice cream cone before bed. Save yourself the extra 200-500 calories and just fucking go to sleep with a bottle of water.


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