How To Move To A New City Like A Betch

So you’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. When you move to a new city for the first time, a few thoughts might be going through your head. You’re probably sad to be leaving your friends, but for the most part, it’s really exciting. Given that we are young and adventurous, most betches will find themselves in this situation.

The lead up to the move can give you major anxiety. Especially if you’re the only one in your friend group moving. Given that you already run the scene in your current city, the idea of not being able to meet your bros at your favorite bar after group dinner with your besties is a bleak thought. But the bright side is once you’ve made the decision to move, the weeks leading up to it are actually quite fun. That’s because you get to throw a going away party, which is like a birthday party without the anxiety of growing older.

If you’re straight out of college and moving to a new town, you are going to have no trouble finding your network. Every summer and fall, a new crop of hungry new graduates invade every big city and you’ll find plenty of betches to drink with while you’re on the hunt for employment. If you’re relocating because of a job, you’ve got one less thing to worry about already.

The key to killing it in a new city is to use your contacts wisely. Your cousin has a friend in Los Angeles she wants to introduce you to? Why not? Normally betches don’t like branching out, but for the first two weeks in a new city, we’ll make an exception for a few people that come highly recommended.  Talking to local vets, even if it’s that girl from your sorority you weren’t very close with, is helpful because they have a built in social network you can tap into. If you end up becoming just “lunch” friends, still doesn’t hurt to have an experienced resident as a friend.

Another great way to find new friends in a new city is to go to a bar that caters to your hometown fans. Most big cities have sports bars that have allegiances to certain schools and outside towns. Chances are you’ll run into people you already know, and if not, you already have something in common with everyone there anyways.

As scary as starting in a new place seems, the first weekend you blackout you’ll wake up with 20 new contacts and wish you had less new friends. More important than making friends in a new city is finding your new favorite places again. If you’re lucky, you’re moving to a city with late night snacks, but if you’re suburbanizing, you might have to map out your delivery options to avoid winding up craving tacos at 1am with no bodega in sight.  Once you’ve got that figured out, you just need to find your local café for iced coffee and sign up for a gym, and you’re practically a local.


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