How To Make The Most Out Of The End Of Summer

If you woke up this morning thinking, “Shit, how is it already mid-August?” join the club. With only a few weeks of summer left, no matter how much time you spent tanning in East Hampton or blacking out on a rooftop, your break just went by way too fast. Summer is obviously the betchiest season, and if we could extend our day drinking and bikini flaunting for a few more months, we would. But sadly, our favorite time of the year is coming to an end. So, whether you spent all of June and July crossing every activity off your bucket list or spent the summer sleeping and binge watching the Bachelorette, here’s a guide to help you make the most out of these last few weeks.

Go for brunch

As the most important meal of the day, brunch is a crucial component of summer that shouldn’t be skipped towards the end. Before you know it, the temperature will drop and your desire to wait in line at Jack’s Wife Freda will suddenly be replaced with Netflix and Seamless. So, before the inevitable season of Sunday hibernation arrives, text your girlfriends this weekend and enjoy your last days of avocado toast and Mimosas. Keep brunching. I mean that’s just like, the rules of feminism.

Drink Rosé

Over the next few weeks, the only thing you should be sipping on aside from your morning iced coffee is our favorite pink beverage. Maybe you’re tanning poolside or enjoying happy hour on the roof deck. Maybe you’re just taking your 30-minute office lunch break (intern of the year, duh.) Either way, a cold glass of Rosé perfectly complements any outdoor activity. So, drink up. After all, nothing kills a summer like getting dehydrated, right?

Change your look

You might be getting bored of this season because you’ve been rocking the same look for months. Let’s be real, those Sun-In streaks are starting to look less natural than Kanye’s half-smile when meeting Caitlyn Jenner for the first time. Okay, way harsh, Tai. Honestly, we’re not suggesting you book an appointment with your plastic surgeon tomorrow, but go ahead and try out a new trend that could really change your image before the year starts.

Embrace Social Media

Don’t be scared to overdo it on the typical Instagram pics and cliché captions. If you’ve skimped on the photos so far this summer, it’s not too late to let everyone know how much fun you’re having while they’re studying for their summer class finals. Plus, since you’re obviously looking better than ever, the photos you take now are perfect material for happy birthday collages and TBT’s later in the year. Nothing screams “I love my bestie” like this hot picture of me from last year’s 4th of July darty.


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