How To Look Hot At Work Without Sacrificing Professionalism

Contrary to what Hillary Clinton might tell you, sometimes (most of the time) it’s hard to rock a full-on power suit at work and still look betchy. On the other hand, looking too betchy at work might give the wrong impression, like that you’re only there to  make money so you can ball out and pop bottles at the club and you don’t actually care about meeting weekly goals and running a sustainable, profitable business and other dumb shit like that. Whether or not the latter impression may be true, you don’t want the people in your office to know it. It’s a delicate balance, betches. Here’s how to strike it.

Tailored Blazer

From left: Archer blazer by rag & bone; Ivory blazer by Blaque Label; Amphora cape by State of Being

Throw away your fugly suits and opt for the clean-cut look of a tailored blazer. Blazers are a sneaky way to amp up your work look and seem like you have your life together in .2 seconds. They add a sleek element to any outfit and can transition from the office to happy hour in a flash!

Midi Skirt

From left: Stand Still lace skirt by Keepsake; Lola skirt by Ramy Brook; X Revolve Exclusive midi skirt by BLQ BASIQ

A more fashion-forward alternative to the dreaded pencil skirt (take it the fuck off, you look like a divorced math teacher), the midi skirt elongates the legs and flatters your figure while remaining professional. Pair this with any modest blouse and you’re good to go!

Edgy Heels

From left: Dayna heel by Sam Edelman; Dayna pump by Sam Edelman; Rockstud patent T-strap pump by Valentino

Just because your heels are an office-appropriate length doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Avoid the platforms and stilettos, but look for fun elements like studs, lace-up detailing , or bright colors to liven up your outfit.

Minimalist Jewelry

From left: Phara necklace by Kendra Scott; triangle stud earring by Rebecca Minkoff; pearl collar necklace by Rebecca Minkoff

Chances are your boss isn’t going to be a fan of giant earrings or layered necklaces. Less is more. Keep it simple with one statement necklace or a pair of studs that complement your outfit without going too overboard.

Now go forth, look hot, and make that paper.


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